Jeunesse – Instagram 

Jeunesse needed a content strategy to tell a compelling visual story about their products and lifestyle brand. Instagram was the place. 

By emphasizing quality over quantity and maintaining a unified look in the gallery, we elevated the brand's presence in the eyes of social-savvy consumers. Hashtag campaigns, user-generated content, and product giveaways grew an active audience from some 3,000 to over 30k in under two years. 

At live events, we engaged fans with behind-the-scenes Stories, slideshow feeds, and Luster's hashtag-powered printers.

Stunning, shareable product photography also supported Jeunesse distributors with visual content to market their individual businesses.


Content strategy, creative direction, UGC curation, photo editing, and copywriting

Branded Content

A mix of beautiful branded content reinforced emotional connections between Jeunesse and its consumer audience.  


User-Generated Content

An effective UGC strategy was key to keeping our audience engaged. We inspired #Jeunesse fans around the world to share high-quality content using hashtag campaigns, contests, and social CTAs on print and packaging materials.